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    The Summon product integration provides users with the ability to search for a wealth of academic content. The Summon PI improves the discovery of your library’s collection and institutional resources.

    User Activities

    Users can search for a variety of resources, use the advanced search option, use the useful links page, or view additional details for resources.

    Offline Support

    No offline support is provided. The user must be online to retrieve the directory data.


    The following is an overview of the Summon product integration user interface for reference when configuring it:

    Search for resources and view the results View additional details for the selected resource
    Summon - Search.jpg Summon - Result Details.jpg
    View and select various useful links  
    Summon - Useful Links.jpg  

    Technical Overview

    Supported Versions

    The Summon API is used for the integration. See APIs for more information on the Summon API.


    You must have your Summon host, access ID, and secret key to complete the configuration for Summon.


    To configure the Summon product integration, select Product Integrations > Add Product Integration.

    Select Library > Summon. The following table describes the configuration options available on this page. Note that while most of these fields are not mandatory, they are displayed with their default values unless otherwise stated.

    Configuration Option Description Mandatory Data Type Default Example
    Manage Integration
    Enable Product Integration Select to enable the product integration on the user's app. No Checkbox Unselected  
    Product Integration Description A description of the product integration for internal use Yes String    
    Screen Title Appears in the top header (of the integration, in the app) No String Summon  
    Vendor Name Defines which vendor the integration connects to Yes Object   Summon
    Host The hostname of the Summon solution, example: Yes String
    Access ID The client's short name Yes String   demo
    Secret Key The client's secret key for the Summon API Yes String    
    URL for Advanced Search Link The URL for the Summon page for an advanced search Yes String    
    Home Page Nav Bar Label Label for the nav bar tab No String Home  
    Advanced Search Nav Bar Label Label for the nav bar tab No String Advanced Search  
    Useful Links Page Nav Bar Label Label for the nav bar tab No String Useful Links  
    Service Failure Message Sets the message that appears when the integration is unable to reach or process the service call correctly No String The page is having trouble fetching the directory — please try again shortly  
    Home Page — Page Title Appears at the top of the page No String Summon  
    Home Page — Search Bar Text Sets the placeholder text in the search bar No String Enter search term ...  
    Home Page — Search Button Text Sets the text displayed on the search button No String Search  
    Home Page — More Results Button Text Sets the text displayed on the button that displays additional results No String Show More Results  
    Home Page — No Results Message Sets the texts that display when the search returns zero results No String Your search did not match any records  
    Additional Details — Page Title Appears at the top of the page No String Additional Details  
    Useful Links — Page Title Appears at the top of the page No String Useful Links  
    Useful Links — Links Group Title Enter the title for the Links Group No String    
    Useful Links — Link Title Enter the Link title No String    
    Useful Links — Link URL Enter the Link URL Yes String    
    Look and Feel
    Primary Theme Color Select a color for the main elements on the page Yes Color Code #444444  
    Secondary Theme Color Select a color for the secondary elements on the page Yes Color Code #6f8ea4  
    Import/Export Configuration
    You can configure product integration and then export it to another campusM environment, for example, from sandbox to production or from preview to production.
    Export Create a JSON file with all product integration configurations. No      
    Import Use this option to load configuration from JSON of an exported product integration. No      
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