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    Publishing Content

    App Manager > App Settings > Publishing section > Publish Content
    App Manager offers functionality based on a Content Management System (CMS), where the administrator can effectively publish changes to the app content, although it does not currently deploy the full CMS functionality, such as version control.
    Any changes made to the content of the app that are to take effect for certain Profiles immediately must be published manually. Any content changes not published immediately are downloaded to the web and native apps the next time the end user accesses the app or changes their Profile selection.
    It is recommended that a new content tile is created and developed against a Beta App Role so that it is not published to the wider audience until it has been fully developed and tested. If the content tile is dependent upon functions that could potentially disrupt the live app, it is recommended that the basic structure is created and tested in the beta version of the app and then recreated in the live app, with full content delivery if required.
    Publishing window
    Publishing window
    The action of selecting App Profiles and publishing the changes generates a web service call to the campusM Cloud, which pulls down the latest HTML and dynamically reconfigures the app across all channels. Changes are also instantly downloaded to Wifi-connected devices, giving users on cellular connections the option to defer until they are back on a Wifi network.
    Once a change has been published, the end user sees a record in the app Updates.
    Updates information on a mobile device
    Updates information on a mobile device




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