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    Working with App Code

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    When configuring a service, a profile, or the app in the App Builder, you can select Code to work directly with the general or tile configuration properties of the service, profile, or app's code.
    App Code Button
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    App Code
    It is recommended not to touch the code. However, working with the code is sometimes the most convenient way of performing certain tasks, such as reordering elements in the app UI; be sure to preserve the open and close brackets when moving elements. When you are done, select props to return to using the UI.
    Do not touch the code of any services with dynamic tiles (see Changing App Manager Installation Settings), since this will break the tile. These services have a URL for their Image property, for example:
    The menuRef code that appears inside a service's code indicates the type of service:
    • TILE - A basic, feed, or banner service. For a feed service, the Feeds field is also defined. For a banner service, the Banners field is also defined.
    • PG - A static content service.
    • AEK##### - An integrated service, where ###### is an internal component number.
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