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    Instructure Canvas

    Product Information


    Learning Management System (LMS)

    Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

    Product version N/A (Hosted, SaaS)
    API Documentation

    About Instructure Canvas

    Canvas is the trusted, open-source learning management system (LMS) that's revolutionizing the way we educate. It is a cloud-based Learning Management System that makes teaching and learning easier. Canvas’ tools are designed to be used online, on mobile and on a tablet. But most of all, they’re designed to be used. 

    Integration Overview

    The campusM integration with Canvas has two different options available. Institutions can choose to integrate with a live tile that displays up to date information on the campusM home screen, or a static tile that will link the user directly to Canvas.

    Live Tile

    The Live tile is a dashboard of the most important and dynamic information from Canvas that is displayed on the home screen of campusM. A configurable list of icons is displayed in a concise, easy to read and up to date format. Icons available for display include:
    • Assignments
    • Announcements
    • Events
    • Grades
    • Discussions
    • Courses
    • Inbox
    Selecting a live tile icon will link the user to the appropriate section in Canvas. For example, if the tile shows new events, tapping on this area will open the Canvas calendar. If the tile shows an assignment is due, tapping will open that assignment in Canvas.
    Tapping a Live Tile Icon will link directly to Canvas. Mobile users will be directed to the Canvas Mobile app. If the app has not been installed on the user’s device, it will launch the App or Play Store at the appropriate page to install it. Portal users will link to the Canvas website.

    Static Tile (Direct link to the Canvas App)

    This option provides for a static Canvas tile within campusM that will link directly to Canvas mobile. It connects users to the web version of Canvas which allows them to interact with all activity types. Mobile users will be directed to the Canvas Mobile app. If the app has not been installed on the user’s device, it will launch the App or Play Store at the appropriate page to install it. Portal users will link to the Canvas website.

    Integration Method

    • API


    There are several prerequisites to the campusM integration with Instructure Canvas:
    Prerequisite Additional Information

    Provide Developer Key and ID: 

    Navigate to Admin > Developer Keys > + Developer Key

    • Key Name:    Name of University's app
    • Owner email:    Optional
    • Redirect Url (legacy):    Not used
    • Redirect Urls:    Provided by Ex Libris
    • Icon Url    University app Icon
    • Notes:    optional

    Screenshot - 1.png

    Watch the following video for step by step instructions:


    Provide a minimum of three (3) Test accounts containing  comprehensive and typical data, including the following:
    • Courses
    • Announcements
    • Events
    • Assignments
    • Discussions
    • Grades
    • Inbox
    The test accounts should allow testing the integration according to the Suggested Testing Guidelines. i.e. should support authentication / log into the app as the test account been provided and run complete end-to-end testing of the integration functionality.
    Provide Canvas base URL:
    • Test URL 
    • (using the same authentication method as the live URL)
    • Production URL
    Canvas base URL should be publicly accessible

    User Experience

    The Canvas integration offers two types of tiles (live or static) available for the institution to choose from based on their preference and overall branding and UX guidelines.
    Property Live Tile Static Tile
    Default Size 2x3 1x1
    Minimum Size 2x3 1x1
    Suggested Design Live Tile.png Static Tile.png


    campusM - Courses 1.png

    Offline Functionality

    Not supported.

    Configuration Options

    The following elements are available for configuration as part of the campusM-Canvas integration. 
    Configuration Item Options
    Display Icons Allow institutions to choose which icons are displayed. Each option can be either shown or hidden:
    • Assignments
    • Grades 
    • Inbox
    • Discussions
    • Announcements
    • Events
    Display Grade Allow institution to show the Grades icon but not the actual grades.
    Detail View
    Allow institutions to show live tile information in a summary view or a per course detail view.
    Summary View:
    The summary view will aggregate data for all courses and display information associated with each icon.
    Tapping this tile will open a screen with a summary of each course. This summary can be shown as a campusM live tile screen with a full list of courses, or can link directly to the Canvas Mobile app/website.
    Detail View:
    The detail view will display a group of icons for each course the student is enrolled in up to four courses.
    Tapping an icon on this tile will link directly to the Canvas Mobile app/website and open to the corresponding page.
    * If the student is enrolled in more than four courses, the display will default to a summary view.
    Favorites Show only courses marked as favorite


    Label Default Value
    Tile name on home screen

    Canvas (static tile)

    Canvas summary (Live tile- summary)

    All Canvas courses (Live tile – detail)
    Tile screen title Canvas Live tile (Summary View - campusM live tile with full list of courses)
    Log in message Login to Canvas
    Icon Name
    • Course(s)
    • No assignments
    • Assignments
    • Grades
    • Inbox
    • Canvas Summary
    • Discussions
    • Announcements
    • Next Assignment
    • Events
    • No Upcoming Activities

    Suggested Testing Guidelines

    The following acceptance criteria is recommend to be used as part of the testing and approval process:
    Live tile:
    • Icons are displayed or hidden according to configuration selection
    • Icons update to show new information
    • Summary view – Information is aggregated into the appropriate icon and displayed as the correct numerical value (ex: announcements for all courses are counted)
    • Summary view – Tapping the tile opens the campusM live tile screen with a full list of courses, or links directly to the Canvas Mobile app/website.
    • Tapping an icon opens Canvas to the corresponding page in the Canvas Mobile app/website.
    Static tile:
    • Tapping the Canvas tile links the user to the Canvas mobile app, the app store, the play store or the Canvas website as appropriate.
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