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    About Workflow

    The campus workflow integration is a flexible solution that allows a high level of customization to meet the user’s needs. Institutions can select up to five different systems to integrate into a custom notifications and actions dashboard. This versatile tile can be used for students (course evaluations, student worker timesheets etc.) or for staff (Time approvals, travel and budget approvals etc.). 

    Integration Overview

    The campusM workflow service is a custom dashboard of university defined workflow systems. Information for each system is displayed along with the number of outstanding approvals. Selecting a system will link the user to the workflow system’s website. Selecting an outstanding item will link the user to the appropriate section in the workflow system. The workflow service supports the following functionality:
    • Displays name of University system workflow and number of outstanding items
    • Item title or description is displayed for outstanding items/approvals
    • Deep link to the workflow system  
    • Deep link to the outstanding item/approval

    Integration Method

    • API


    There are several prerequisites to the campusM integration with the Workflow service:
    Prerequisite Additional Information
    Provide a minimum of three (3) test accounts containing  comprehensive and typical data, including the following:
    • Valid log in credentials for campusM
    • Valid log in credentials for the workflow service
    • Outstanding items/approvals
    • Sufficient data to test the service
    The test accounts should allow testing the integration according to the Suggested Testing Guidelines i.e. should support authentication/ log into the app as the test account provided and run complete end-to-end testing of the integration functionality.
    Provide the Base URL for each workflow system:
    • Test URL (using the same authentication method as the live URL)
    • Live URL
    Ensure secure authentication method:
    • APIkey
    • Token
    Provide APIs for each workflow system APIs should expose the following data:
    • Name of workflow system
    • Number of outstanding items/approvals
    • Title or description of item/approval
    • Item due date (optional)
    • Date item was submitted for workflow action (optional)
    Provide deep links for each workflow system Deep links to the following:
    • Deep link to workflow system
    • Deep link to outstanding items/approvals
    Ensure that the APIs and web services are available for calls from the Connect Layer server(s) The integration of campusM with the Workflow service requires the Connect Layer to call the provided APIs. This step ensures that The APIs are set up to allow calls from the Connect Layer server(s) and the Connect Layer hostname was added to the accepted list of hostnames in the API source system.

    User Experience

    Customers can choose between live or static tile experiences. The live tile option displays the total number of outstanding items/ approvals from each system.
    Property Static Tile Live Tile
    Default Size 1x1 1x1
    Minimum Size 1x1 1x1
    Suggested Design Static Tile.png Live Tile.png


     Workflow screenshot.png

    Sample Request and Response

    Sample Live Tile Request
    Sample Response (JSON)
    new_notifications: 2
    Sample Response (XML)
    <new_notifications> 2</new_notifications>


    Sample Details Request
    Sample Response (JSON)
       "Message":"Workflow notifications retrieved",
                      "Title":"EDA7193: Ed Leadership Iv:Leadsp/Change - Class",
                      "Action":"Evaluate Now",
                      "Title":"EDF7215: Psy-Soc Aspects of Lrn & Instr - Class",
                      "Action":"Evaluate Now",
    Sample Response (XML)
    <name>Content Approvals</name>

    Offline Functionality

    Not supported.

    Configuration Options

    Configuration Item Options
    Dashboard systems Institutions will define up to five (5) workflow or notification systems to be integrated.
    Item display Allow institutions to hide Item title or description for outstanding items/approvals


    Label Default Value
    Page Title My Workflow

    Suggested Testing Guidelines

    The following acceptance criteria is recommend to be used as part of the testing and approval process:
    • Live tile updates with new notifications
    • Live tile displays the correct number of notifications
    • User can view all integrated workflow systems including
      • Number of outstanding approvals/items
      • Title or description of item/approval
      • Item due date
    • Date item was submitted for workflow action
    • User can deep link from the listed workflow system to that system’s landing page
    • User can deep link from the outstanding approval/item to the appropriate approval/action page.
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