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    Account Information

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    The Account Information product integration allows students to view information related to their university account, for example, their account balance.


    The Account Information product integration is currently supported by the Ellucian Banner (XE) vendor.

    User Experience

    The following section describes information relating to the user experience for the Account Information product integration.

    User Activities

    Students select the tile and display their account balance.

    User Workflow

    A single page application (SPA) with no redirects out of the page (or app).


    The Account Information product integration requires the user's identifier from the vendor's system. This is obtained with the token based authentication attributes.
    The connection to the vendor is handled as part of the generic API Configuration component (in App Manager, in the product instance). This is found under the Vendor section on the configuration page.

    Offline Support

    No offline support is provided, since the data would not be current and no data is preferable to inaccurate data.


    The following is an example of a screenshot of the Account Information product integration user interface for a reference when configuring it:

    Technical Overview

    The following section describes technical information for the Account Information product integration.

    Supported Versions

    Only Ellucian BannerXE is supported. The numbered release is Banner 9.
    • Banner 9 is the latest release of Banner.
    • XE is an add-on to Banner that allows customers to extend it.
    • For all integrations done prior to this product integration, Banner 9 and XE are interchangeable.


    The following prerequisities are required for the Account Information product integration.
    • User identifier mapping
      • If you have CMAuth configured, map the relevant vendor ID in the integration profile (Additional Mapping). For example: bannerId=employeeID, where employeeID is the relevant user attribute on the vendor’s backend system.
      • If you have LDAP configured, verify that the relevant attribute is returned as an attribute from the LDAP response.
    • Map the relevant vendor ID in the integration profile for the app profile.

    Required Format

    campusM uses the following API call to fetch the Account Information data:


    The following is an example of a JSON response for the Account Information API:

      "balance": 0


    To configure the Account Information product integration, select Add Product Integration from the Product Integrations main menu option.
    Select Account Information and the following configuration page appears:
    Account Information Configuration
    The following table describes the configuration options available on this page.
    Non-mandatory fields are displayed with their default values unless otherwise noted.
    Configuration Option Description Mandatory Data Type Default Example
    Manage Integration
    Enable Product Integration Select to enable the product integration on the user's campusM app. No Checkbox Unselected  
    Product Integration Description A description of the product integration for internal use Yes String    
    Screen Title The title that appears in the top header of the service No String    
    Look and Feel No      
    Primary Theme Color Select a color for the main elements on the page No Color Picker #444444  
    Secondary Theme Color Select a color for the secondary elements on the page No Color Picker #6f8ea4  
    Currency Display Used to display the balance returned by the service, if no currency symbol already exists. No String Dollar  
    Text / Labels Enter replacement text for the default titles and labels No String    
    Page Title The page title No String Account Info  
    Balance Label Used for the Balance block header. No String Balance  
    Error Message Used for when there is no data and an error is returned from the service. No String Please try again later  
    Vendor – This section defines the structure of the APIs used in this product integration.
    Vendor Name Defines to which vendor the integration connects. The Account Information product integration is currently supported by the Ellucian Banner XE vendor. Yes Drop-down list   API
    API Configuration
    This section contains the API details  to define the API structure. You can test the API configuration. See Testing API Product Integration Configuration.
    Base URL to retrieve the information The URL for the API Yes URL   https://{HOST}
    Parameter Input Option   The parameter input option for Banner ID. Possible values: Username, Token Property, and Constant. It is sent as the path parameter. Yes Drop-Down list Token Property
    Authentication Type Authentication type against the web service. The options are the following:
    • No Auth
    • Basic - username and password for Base64 basic authentication.
    Yes Drop-down list    
    Import/ Export Configuration
    You can configure product integration and then export it to another campusM environment, for example, from sandbox to production or from preview to production.  
    Export Create a JSON file with all product integration configuration. No      
    Import Use this option in order to load configuration from JSON of an exported product integration. No      
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