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    Primo VE


    Integrating campusM and Primo VE enables users to enjoy the full user experience of Primo VE built into their campusM mobile app and web portal. The simple-to-deploy integration, configured only within the App Manager, delivers a mobile-specific styling and structure, providing users with a seamless engagement of their library services through campsuM.

    About Ex Libris Alma

    Alma is the solution your library needs as the focal point of learning and research at your institution. Alma is designed to ensure that your entire collection can be managed through a single interface and that you can continue to serve students, instructors, and researchers with a collection optimized for their needs. With Alma you can manage all the resource types your collections include within a single interface, including electronic, print, and digital.

    About Ex Libris Primo VE

    Primo VE is Ex Libris' patron-facing discovery service, providing centralized and personalized access to all resources in your fulfillment network: your institution and any partner institutions. Patrons can locate physical, electronic, and digital resources in all locations, with available information for physical resources (including the ability to request these resources for checkout at the location of the patron's choice), and instant online access to electronic and digital resources.
    Alma information is published to Primo VE on a regular basis. Primo VE empowers libraries to shape the discovery experience, providing students, faculty, and staff an intuitive, end-to-end service, and maximizing the value of library collections.

    User Experience

    The following section describes information relating to the user experience for the Primo VE product integration.

    User Activities

    Users are able to use Primo VE integration for any functionality available in Primo VE: search, view library card, submit a request, etc.


    As described in the technical flow diagram, once the user is logged in to campusM, authentication to Alma/Primo VE is being done behind the scenes (SSO) with the AlmaID received from the IDP. A login is not required from the user at any stage. If campusM sends an invalid AlmaID to Alma, the user will not be logged in and will need to do a manual login.

    Offline Support

    Not supported.


    The following is an overview of the Primo VE user interface for reference when configuring it.
    Select the Library tile to open the Primo VE integration profile (recommended tile size 2*1): After selecting the Library tile, the following Home page appears to the user: Perform a search and the results are displayed:
    primo_ve_live_tile.png UI-primo_ve_PI.png primo_ve_search results.png
    Select the Overview tab to see a list of your items: Select the Saved Records page to see your saved records:  
    primo_ve_my_library_card.png primo_ve_my_favorites.png  
    Primo VE Legacy Live Tile Primo Live Tile Example of 3 x 2 Dimensions
    LegacyUI.png PrimoVE.png

    Live Tile

    For the Primo VE live tile legacy UI, we recommend using the following dimensions for an optimized experience:

    • 1 width x 2 height

    The new Primo VE live tile UI is designed to work with the following sizes. The tile will attempt to display as many elements as possible regardless of the dimensions set, but we cannot guarantee the intended experience if you do not adhere to the following dimensions. The tile dimensions are set in the App Builder, while the widgets per row (and other details) are set in the Configuration page for this product integration.

    • 1 wide x 1 high
      • This is a special case. The tile only displays one widget (the highest prioritized, enabled widget).
    • 2 wide x 1 high
      • We recommend using 1 - 2 widget rows and using 1 - 3 widgets per row.
    • 2 wide x 2 high
      • We recommend using 2 - 3 widget rows and using 1 - 3 widgets per row.
    • 3 wide x 1 high
      • We recommend using 1 - 2 widget rows and using 2 - 4 widgets per row.
    • 3 wide x 2 high
      • We recommend using 2 - 3 widget rows and using 2 - 4 widgets per row.

    We also recommend keeping the header text and widget labels for the live tile short.

    Technical Overview

    The following section describes technical information for the Primo VE product integration.

    Supported Versions

    Alma November 2019 release.


    The following are the prerequisites for the Primo VE product integration:
    • IDP should return the AlmaID attribute. The Alma ID attribute is a unique ID controlled by the customer that is defined per student/staff member in Alma.
      If using CMAuth - this attribute can have any name in the IDP attributes response (from SAML/OAUth/LDAP), but need to be mapping in Additional Mapping in the CMAuth Integration Profile.
      Otherwise - AlmaID attribute must be returned in LDAP attributes response.
      Due to this new mapping in authentication token, users will need to logout & login to the app.
    • Handshake between Alma and campusM: in order to allow secured access to Primo VE, an authorization token needs to be configured in Alma (Configuration> Discovery> customer settings > app_authorization_token) and the same code needs to be configured in campusM (App Manager> Product Integrations> Add Product Integration> Primo VE> Authorization Code).
    • Native app (Android/iOS) need to be in January release at least. 

    Technical Flow Diagram

    The following is the technical flow diagram for the Primo VE product integration:


    Primo VE Technical Flow Diagram
    When the home page is active, the live tile is refreshed automatically every five minutes. If the home screen is inactive, it is not updated in the background. When the home screen becomes active again, the timer starts again if the update period has elapsed.


    To configure the Primo VE product integration, select Add Product Integration from the Product Integrations main menu option.
    Select Primo VE and the following configuration page appears:


    Primo VE Configuration
    The following table describes the configuration options available on this page.
    Configuration Option Description Mandatory Data Type Default Example
    Enable Product Integration Select to enable the product integration on the user's campusM app. No Check box Yes  
    Product Integration Description A description of the product integration for internal use Yes Description -  
    Screen Title The title that appears in the top header of the service No String Primo VE  
    Page Title The secondary title, after Screen Title. No Description - Our Library
    Base URL The base URL of your Primo VE instance   Yes URL -
    View ID The View ID of your Primo VE Yes String - NORTH_INST
    Authorization Token Must be the same authorization token as in Alma, in the following format:
    For more information, see Prerequisites.
    Yes String.
    - q58151J4bD
    Language Code The language to display Primo VE integration. Not applied to the live tile. No String en
    General Error Message General error message if the page fails to load. No String Please try again later Failed to load. Please try again later
    Landing Page The page displayed by default on the Primo VE PI homepage        
    Look and Feel
    Primary Theme Color Select a color for the main elements on the page Yes Color Code #444444  
    Secondary Theme Color Select a color for the secondary elements on the page Yes Color Code #6f8ea4  
    Live Tile
    Enabled Select to make the Primo VE tile live No Check box Yes  
    Design Select the UI design (new or legacy) No Dropdown Enable Latest Live Tile Design  
    Loading Label The text which is displayed while loading the Live Tile No String Loading...  
    Please Login Label The text that is displayed when the user is not logged in No String You are not logged into Primo VE  
    Live Tile Look and Feel
    Badge Color Select a color for the badge No Color Code #cd5c5c  
    Badge Opacity
    Alters the opacity for all badges shown on the live tile. Has a minimum of 0.5, and a maximum of 1.
    Only applicable for the legacy UI design.
    No Number 0.65  
    Displayed Items
    Header Text Enabled Select to display the header on the live tile. If cleared, the text does not appear in the header. If both the header text and the header logo are disabled, the header does not appear. No Boolean False  
    Header Text Set the header text No String Primo VE  
    Header Icon Enabled Select to display the logo on the live tile. If disabled, the log does not appear in the header. If both the log and the header text are disabled, the header does not appear. No Boolean False  
    URL for Header Icon The URL of the image to be used as the logo in the header. No String    
    Customise Live Tile Header Padding If enabled, allows you to customise the blank space around the header block. All values have a minimum of 0. No Checkbox No  
    The First Widget(s) Should Display on the Same Row As the Header If disabled, the first widget row will start below the header. No Checkbox Yes  
    Widgets Per Row This sets the number of widgets to display per row. There is a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 5. No Integer 3  
    Enabled Select to display charges No Checkbox Yes  
    Label Label for charges No String Charges  
    On Hold Shelf
    Enabled Select to display the on hold shelf items No Checkbox Yes  
    Label Label for the on hold shelf items No String To Pick Up  
    Overdue Loans
    Enabled Select to display the overdue loans No Checkbox Yes  
    Label Label for the overdue loans No String Overdue  
    Item Due Back Soon
    Enable Select to display the due back soon items No Checkbox Yes  
    Label Text Label for the due back soon items No String Due soon  
    Days before Due Date The maximum number of days before the due date to be considered an Item Due Back Soon No Number 3  
    Always Display Widget Count If enabled, all widgets will display the count even if the count is 0. No Checkbox Yes  
    Prioritize Live Tile Items
    Priority This ordered list prioritizes the items that appear on the live tile. The item at the top of the list appears first, while the last item appears last. No Ordered List
    1. Charges
    2. On Hold Shelf
    3. Overdue Loans
    4. Items Due Back Soon
    Use Custom Icons Select to use custom icons instead of the default live tile icons. No Boolean False  
    URL Enter the URLs of custom images for the icons of the various widgets. No String    
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