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    The Surveys product integration allows student to review active surveys that are assigned to them.


    The Surveys product integration is supported by EvaSys.

    User Experience

    The following section describes information relating to the user experience for the Surveys product integration.

    User Activities

    • View the number of active surveys as a live tile.
    • View a list of active surveys that are assigned to the user with a link to the surveys page to allow the user to fill out the surveys.


    The Username and password are configured as part of the Vendor's Authentication API configuration section and are sent as a header in the service call.

    Offline Support

    None. Users must be online to retrieve their survey data.


    The following is an overview of the Surveys product integration user interface for a reference when configuring it:

    The Surveys live tile in home page with number of active surveys List of surveys  
    surveys_live_tile.png surveys_screen_shot.png  

    Technical Overview

    The Surveys product integration is supported by EvaSys.


    The following section describes configurations for the Surveys product integration. Note that while the vast majority of these fields are not mandatory, they are displayed with their default values, unless otherwise stated.

    To configure the Surveys product integration, select Add Product Integration from the Product Integrations main menu option.
    Select Surveys.
    Configuration Option Description Mandatory Data Type Default Example
    Manage Integration
    Enable Product Integration Select to enable the product integration on the user's campusM app. No Checkbox Unselected  
    Product Integration Description A description of the product integration for internal use. Yes String    
    Vendor Defines to which vendor the integration connects. No Object   EvaSys
    Base URL to retrieve the information The EvaSys hostname (plus HTTPS protocol). Yes URI  
    Customer ID Customer unique ID, provided by the vendor. Yes String    
    User Input Identifier
    Parameter Input Option Select a parameter input option that matches your needs. That is, select Username to use the username attribute associated with the end user, Token Property, or Constant. No Drop-down list   Username
    Token Property - Token Property Name Enter the property name to be retrieved from the token (USERNAME, MAIL, GIVEN_NAME, SURNAME, FULL_NAME) or as indicated in the integration profile. No String   USERNAME
    Constant- Constant Value The value when the user identifier is set to constant. No String    
    API Authentication
    Authentication Type The authentication type against the web service:

    Basic - username and password for Base64 basic authentication.

    No Drop-down list   Basic
    Open The Surveys Page Externally Determines whether the link opens in-app or in the user's external browser Yes Checkbox Checked  
    Live Tile
    Enable Live Tile Select to enable the Surveys live tile. Yes Checkbox Unchecked  
    Enabled Select to enable this hour range. No Checkbox Unchecked  
    Page Title The text to display as the main title. Yes String Select a Survey  
    No Data Message The text to display when no surveys are assign to the user. No String No surveys found  
    Service Failure Message

    A general error message.

    No String Service currently unavailable, please try again later  
    Import/Export Configuration
    Import Create a JSON file with all product integration configuration. No   Create a JSON file with all product integration configuration.  
    Export Use this option in order to load configuration from JSON of an exported product integration. No      
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