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    Language Support

    Language Support

    campusM is able to provide support for languages on the mobile app and web portal in countries where English is not the primary language of communication. Multi-lingual support is provided when contractually agreed with Ex Libris. The application's standard labels may be provided in each language, as agreed in the contract.

    Support for multi-lingual data coming from University-integrated systems is in the institution’s full control and responsibility. As part of the integration process, and in order to support multi-lingual responses, the university should provide data for that integration in an identically structured response as the primary language's end-point integration. It is recommended that a language parameter be utilized by the customer for each multi-lingual integration required.

    To enable a language dedicated user experience, a dedicated profile will be implemented and will include the relevant language's standard labels. Each user is able to choose their appropriate language profile upon entering the campusM application and at any point can change their language configuration by selecting the relevant profile from the “Settings” option.
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