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July 2019


campusM Accessibility

With the increased focus on providing a compelling experience for ALL users, the development team have been making a number of enhancements in support of assistive technologies and our continued compliance with WCAG.

This month we have made the following enhancements in this area:

  • Improved the way that the web app works with Screen Readers and when navigated using only the keyboard.
  • Improved the contrasting on the iOS tab bar
  • Improved accessibility descriptions for navigation and action buttons
  • Improved usability for end users when the user focus changes as items are selected

Alert Group/Role Synchronization Enhancements

As part of the enhancements to the campusM Notification Center, we have enhanced the synchronization between alert groups and Roles where they have been aligned as part of the Group Alert Category setup.

The Alert Group user subscription will now be updated and synchronized as your students’ roles are changed manually or updated via RoleSync.

Resolved Issues

  • Android SF: 00674684
    Images and floorplans could not be zoomed in and out. An additional parameter was added to the URL scheme: noandroidtoolbar. If left as the default (N), then the toolbar for zooming images in Android appears.
  • iOS / Android / Web App SF: 00591798 00655732
    A Banner added through the App builder using an image stored within the Asset Manager failed to move off from the first Banner image added.
  • Android SF: 00652167
    The Dot notification badge did not clear after unread notifications received by the campusM app were reviewed and read.
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