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    360: Oxford University Press All Titles Collections

    Oxford University Press All Titles Collections

    In order to accurately reflect Oxford University Press content, we are remapping some collections. There will now be three collections to represent the total offerings of OUP, and two collections will be deactivated to align with their sales model.


    The following collections will be deactivated and will no longer have updates:


    Alma: Oxford University Press Journals (ID: 61110974981684524)


    SFX: OXFORD_JOURNALS_A-Z_ARCHIVE (ID: 4340000000001036)

    Alma: Oxford Journals A-Z Archive (ID: 614340000000001036)

    360: Oxford Journals A-Z Archive (DBID: ABSAR)


    The following three collections should be activated and will be the updated All Titles collections for OUP:

    SFX: OXFORD_JOURNALS_A-Z_COLLECTION (ID: 4340000000001043)

    Alma: Oxford Journals A-Z Collection (ID: 614340000000001043)

    360: Oxford Journals A-Z Collection (DBID: ROX)

    This collection will represent all OUP journal offerings post 1995.

    This collection name will soon be changed to "Oxford University Press Journals All Titles"



    Alma: Oxford Journals Archive Collection (ID: 614340000000001037)

    360: Oxford Journals Archive Collection (DBID: ACUTJ)

    This collection will represent all OUP journal offerings pre 1996.


    Oxford University Press Books All Titles

    This collection will represent all book offerings on OUP's platform, and is currently being created by operations.


    This article will be updated with KB collection IDs when the collections have been released with collection IDs.

    • Article last edited: 14-04-2021

    • Article last edited: 14-04-2021