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Annual Collections 2019


Below is a table outlining the list of 2019 annual collections we are currently processing for ingestion in the Delivery Knowledgebases: 360 KB, SFX KB, Alma CZ. 

We will update this table with our progress, so that you can better follow the addition of these collections. 

New collections that are not under the annual collections below please follow how can I request new collections to be added.


Scholars Portal 2019

Provider Name Annual Collection Available from Provider Expected Release
Oxford University Press 2019 Yes February 10th 2019
SAGE Journals 2019 Yes February 10th 2019
Springer-Verlag 2019 Partial February 10th 2019
IGI Global 2019  Yes March 3rd 2019
Cambridge University Press Yes March 3rd  2019
Wiley 2019 Yes March 10th 2019
Ovid 2019 Partial March 10th 2019
Elsevier 2019 Partial March 24th 2019
Karger AG 2019 Yes April 7th 2019
Royal Society of Chemistry 2019 Partial April 14th 2019
Taylor & Francis 2019 Yes May 5th 2019
Walter de Gruyter Journals 2019 Yes May 19th 2019
Walter de Gruyter Books 2019 Yes June 9th 2019
Bloomsbury Academic 2019 Yes June 9th 2019
Duke University Press 2019 Yes July 7th  2019
Scholars Portal 2019 Yes July 21st  2019
SAGE Knowledge 2019 Yes July 21st 2019
Project MUSE Books 2019 Yes July 28th 2019


  • Article last edited: 15-August-2019


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