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    360 Core: Authentication for Dow Jones Factiva Databases

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center

    Why are my Dow Jones Factiva databases prompting for authentication?

    When your library adds a Dow Jones Factiva database, you need to add some information to the Client Center to avoid the prompt for authentication. NOTE: These directions do not apply to corporate libraries. Corporate libraries are not provided with XSID information and therefore must leave their XSID fields blank.:
    1. In the Client Center, navigate to the Database Details page for that database.
    2. Click Edit on the right side.
    3. In the Custom URL field, enter your Factiva custom URL in this format:[xsid here] . This is for creating the database-level link.

      XSID is the Factiva XSID code for your library. The XSID can be found at the end of the database-level URL that you're currently using to access Factiva's website from your library's website.

      Here's an example XSID:

      If you are unsure of your XSID, contact ProQuest directly for assistance (
    4. To enable article-level linking in 360 Link and Summon, enter your Factiva XSID at the bottom of the page in the Authorization Settings field:
      Factiva XSID Auth settings
    5. Click Save to save your changes, or click Cancel to return to the original settings.

    • Date Created: 28-May-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 7-Jun-2016
    • Old Article Number: 10807