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    360 Core: View Changes Guide

    • Product: 360 Core Client Center

    How does the 'View Changes' function work in the Client Center?

    The View Changes feature allows you to track changes that you've made or that ProQuest has made for you.

    To view changes:
    1. Go to the Client Center.

    2. Click the View Changes link under Manage Your Library.

      View Changes Link

      If you cannot see the View Changes link, you probably don't have the correct Client Center permissions. You will need to set Library Information to View or View/Edit.

    3. You will see the default View Changes report:

      View Changes - date and time

      The default date range is the most recent week, but you can use the Start Date and End Date selectors to display any date range, going as far back as the beginning of your subscription to ProQuest management and discovery products.

      The time displayed is Pacific Time (U.S., western states time zone) however if you hover over a time, a window will display the same time in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) (see highlighted GMT example above).

      You can also filter for the type of change made, using the Event Type dropdown: All, Database, Title, Library, or Other.

      The different types of changes are as follows:

      • Database: Indicates when someone adds or changes status of a database in the library s profile.

        Although the View Changes feature will report when a library-managed holdings (LMH) database was added (created) and who added it, the system does not report when an LMH database is deleted ("unsubscribed"). However, you may be able to recover a deleted LMH database.

      • Title: Indicates when someone adds or changes status of a title in the library s profile.

      • Library: Indicates when a change is made to the Library Settings for the library s profile.

      • Other: Indicates when a Serials Solutions service has been added or removed -- for example, 360 Core, 360 Link, etc. -- or when provider information is customized.

      For privacy reasons, each change is credited to the Account holder type rather than the individual who made the update. Changes made by clients are recorded as Library Staff. Changes made by Ex Libris staff members are recorded as Ex Libris Staff. Notices about changes to be made automatically by the Knowledgebase team are available in the Knowledgebase Notifications page.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
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