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360 and Intota Services Roadmap – 2023


The 360 and Intota Services Roadmap comprises the key priorities for electronic resource management, analytics, and discovery support in the upcoming year. The 360 and Intota user community has officially voted on their priorities submitted through the Ideas Exchange. As Product Management and the Product Working Group work through those priorities together, we will update each roadmap placeholder.

The roadmap strikes a balance between necessary infrastructure investment and the resolution of issues reported by the community. Each quarterly release includes new features, problem resolutions, and infrastructure work that is detailed in the release notes. The roadmap also includes a new What's New column that provides details regarding new features. The roadmap is subject to change based on community feedback as well as shifting challenges and priorities.

Important Dates

  • Q1 Release – February 1, 2023

  • Q2 Release – May 3, 2023

  • Q3 Release – August 4, 2023

  • Q4 Release – November 1, 2023


2023 H1 2023 H2

Expand auto-holdings management to other providers, beginning with Taylor & Francis. Process is based on the KBART Automation Working Group | NISO website recommended practice.

Release auto-holdings management for Taylor & Francis ebooks.

Continue liaising with new providers to implement auto-holdings, including Springer.


360 MARC Updates: reduce number of change records for unnormalized titles.

Open Access indicator in 360 Client Center and Intota (Idea Exchange #42501145).

360 Link: new linkers for Ebook Central, Nature, and Clinical Ethics.

OpenURL requests for video titles that contain an ISBN will successfully display the holding.

WCAG Level A and AA accessibility issues addressed.

Disabled Crossref enrichment for titles when Summon is the referring source.

Add non-Discovery Admin permission and link to Summon Analytics in 360 Client Center and Intota (Idea Exchange #43682661).

360 Counter and Intota: added a new COUNTER report status "Deleted" to the reports list page to indicate a manual deletion was performed.

Increased auto-normalization (Idea Exchange  #45253717)

Intota: Implement database details upload functionality. 

Implement KBART file upload capabilties.


Consortium Edition: Provider-specific linking parameters (e.g. EBSCO Authorization Settings) will be inherited by member libraries and display in the member library settings. 


2023 H1 

What's New? Highlights Impact Status

360 Counter and Intota: Add a new COUNTER report status "Deleted" to the reports list page to indicate a manual deletion was performed.

"Deleted" is added to the current filter menu along with Consolidated, Pending and Error on the COUNTER configuration report.


•Easily see that a report’s data was deleted

•Eliminate Support queries

•Understand a report’s history

Released in February 2023.


360 MARC Updates: Reduce number of change records for unnormalized titles.

Recently there was a sharp increase in the number of changed records for unnormalized titles. 

The service has optimized how contributor and publisher fields are handled.

•Stabilize unnormalized record generation in monthly runs

•Result in fewer changed records

•Decrease time needed to load MARC files into the ILS

Released in February 2023.


Intota: KBART file upload capabilties for provider databases and LSHs.


  • A new  "Is KBART File" option is in the Upload Title List option

  • Validates data against the KBART standard 

  • Automatically changes titles' status to Subscribed or Not Tracked based on file content

Users don't need to translate files to the 360 ODSE standard.

KBART is a standard supported by most providers and is an easier way to batch update holdings.

Will support roadmap goals of adding new providers to the Auto-Holdings service.

Released in February 2023.


Intota: Update database details in bulk.


A new option "Database Details Upload" is included in the Tools menu.


Bulk changes may include adding, editing, and deleting database details in selected databases. For example, this may be useful to change the Omit proxy from this database setting or add a Public Database Note to multiple titles.

Released in February 2023.


Client Center and Intota: Add CRN field to the database details pages for Taylor & Francis ebooks A-Z (JTX).

Client Center has a new "Auto Holdings Settings" section.

Intota (currently hidden) includes a "Automate Holdings / Automatic/Manual" control.

The CRN is customer reference number or token specific to Taylor & Francis and will be used when requesting a weekly KBART-formatted file of holdings for this database. Released in May 2023.
360 Link 2.0: Upgrade accessibility conformance to WCAG levels A and AA. Where possible remedied issues found in the January 2023 VPAT. These changes enable 360 Link 2.0 to work with assistive devices and keyboard-only requirements. Released in May 2023.
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