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    360 Counter: Replace an Existing Usage Statistics Report

    • Product: 360 Counter

    How do I replace an existing (previously uploaded) usage statistics report without duplicating Consolidated usage data?

    There may be occasions when you wish to replace an existing or previously uploaded usage statistics report (for example, because you have corrected data within it) without duplicating Consolidated usage data. This may be accomplished in two ways:
    • Delete an existing report and replace it with a new file.
      1. Delete the existing or previously uploaded report. Click here for details on how to delete reports.
      2. Upload the new file with replacement data with the same Provider, Report Type and Run Date. Click here to find out how to upload reports.
    • Overwrite an existing report.
      1. Upload the new file with replacement data with the same Provider, Report Type and Run Date. Click here to find out how to upload reports.
    Your new file will be visible on the 360 Counter Summary page.
    360 Counter's de-duplication logic primarily takes place at the title level in Consolidated Reports, and requires the following: EXACT title match and EXACT ISSN or ISBN match, and report period. When the data in your replacement report matches on these three elements for each title, all consolidated usage data will be de-duplicated. However, when the new version of a report contains differences in title or identifier, you should expect to see "duplicates" in the Consolidated reports.
    NOTE: These are technically not duplicates because in fact the title is somewhat different.
    In 360 Counter, de-duplication or replacement of data can happen in one of three ways:
    At the Report Level
    An original report will be replaced with new file when Provider, Report Type and Run Date are exactly the same. All data that matches title/identifier is replaced.
    At the Title Level within a single COUNTER Report
    Upon uploading, a report is accepted or rejected based on business logic and upload criteria. 360 Counter reports are accepted when there are no duplicate titles; however, when a duplicate title is detected the report is rejected. Serials Solutions attempts to remove duplicates prior to upload, whether the report was harvested manually or using SUSHI.
    In Consolidated Reports, across all data
    When a report file has been uploaded that contains the same data as a previously uploaded report AND exact matching criteria are met, then the data DOES NOT duplicate. Both reports may be available for view, but the usage will only be reported once in consolidated reports as long as the titles and usage information can be recognized as exactly the same.

    For example:

    • January - June JR1 statistics uploaded from Provider A.
    • January - December JR1 statistics uploaded from Provider A.
    • January - June JR1 statistics are only reported once because that data has been deduplicated.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 21-Feb-2014
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