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    How can I configure 360 Link to avoid persistent problems with the 360 Link Sidebar?

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    How can I configure 360 Link to avoid persistent problems with the 360 Link Sidebar?


    We suggest disabling the 360 Link Sidebar Helper Frame. 

    It is difficult to predict how content providers have reacted to the SameSite cookie attribute handling. For full-text content to be embedded in the 360 Sidebar Helper Frame  a secure HTTPS connection is required and an explicit “SameSite=None” cookie parameter is required.

    If either of these conditions is not true, full text content will not be accessible in the Sidebar unless the existing Link workaround—adding provider’s databases to the Sidebar Exclude list—is implemented by the library.

    There is no universal solution for libraries that have embedded their authentication or proxy application in the 360 Link Sidebar. If the application is a local solution, the library has control over SameSite cookie handling. However, if the application is hosted, the vendor needs to deliver a solution. Either way, you will likely need to contact your authentication vendor.

    If your proxy application is embedded in the 360 Link Sidebar, but SameSite cookie handling has not been adjusted, offsite users will receive an error message rather than a login screen.

    How do I disable the 360 Link Sidebar?

    1. Go to your 360 Link Administration Console



    2. Click on Link 2.0 



    3. Under Link 2.0, edit the "Link Activation and Configuration Setting." You have 2 configuration options:

    Option 1:

    Choose 1-click without sidebar. This option links users directly to content when links are available without displaying the sidebar. This option will send the user directly to the full text target URL. The only caveat is that if the URL does not work, the end user will not have an option to contact the library for additional help. Most full text target URLs will work, but a small percentage of them will fail due to issues like metadata mismatch between vendors.



    Option 2:

    Choose Disable 1-click. This means that the user will always see a full 360 Link results menu. This is the safest or most reliable user interface option, but it means that the end user will have to click once more to reach the full text. In Link 2.0, the full text link to click is displayed as a prominent blue button.


    You can test either of these options by first changing the selection at 'Link Activation and Configuration', and then clicking the 'Preview' button in Admin Console. Keep in mind that the changes will not go live until after the overnight cache refresh, so it is a good idea to preview them first.

    Click here for more information on 360 Link Configuration Options

    Where can I find updates? 

    We will monitor content and authentication vendors’ responses to the Chrome browser changes and work with them whenever possible to ensure an uncomplicated linking experience. We will provide updates in the Knowledge Center as we learn more. If you have any questions please submit a ticket through the Ex Libris Support Portal.

    • Article last edited: 05-May-2022
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