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    360 MARC Updates: Differences Between Online, Neutral, Print, CD-ROM, and Microform Records

    • Product: 360 MARC Updates

    What are the differences between online, neutral, and print records in your databases?

    The bulk of our records are what we call "neutral" records, because they aren't specifically identified as print or online through the the use of a qualifier. However, in most of those cases the record was undoubtedly created using the print version of the journal. In some cases we hold both a neutral and either an online or a print record for a title. You can choose an order of preference for which record to get using the 360 MARC Updates Customization Form.
    We hold five different types of MARC records:
    • Online records are those which clearly state in the 245|h and/or 130 or 240 fields will have a qualifier noting that the journal is Online. If the journal appears only in an online format, no "qualified" 130 or 240 usually appears in the record. The presence of a URL in the 856, or elsewhere in the record, does not necessarily make the record an online one. In most cases, ths ISSN will be the eISSN, but this is not universally true.
    • Print records are those which clearly state in the 130 or 240 field that the item described is a print version of the journal being cataloged. The 130 or 240 will generally have a qualifier noting that the journal is "Print."
    • Neutral records are those which do not clearly and explicitly state the format of the journal being cataloged. In almost every situation the format is print, but because differences exist between the print and neutral records, we need to define the different types of records. Neutral records represent the bulk of the CONSER set of records.
    • CD-ROM records are based on versions of the serial in this format and typically have a CD-ROM qualifier in the 130 or 240 field.
    • Microform records are an important CONSER record type for some databases, such as American Periodical Series.
    CONSER records generally include Library of Congress subject headings, LC class numbers, and title change details. You can read about the CONSER program at
    Regardless of the record type we start with, all records are modified through your 360 MARC records service so that they appear consistently as online records in your catalog.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 3-Dec-2018
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