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    360 Resource Manager: License Data API

    • Product: 360 Resource Manager

    What is the 360 Resource Manager License Data API?

    What is the License Data API (Application Programming Interface)?
    API software allows efficient communication between different components in a software application or service. The 360 Resource Manager License Data API is a SOAP web-service API. It is designed to let you retrieve and use the information that you store in the License Manager tool to support custom scenarios unique to your library. Here are some examples:
    • Library-designed user interfaces (or information portals) for staff and patrons to access Licenses and data use.
    • Integration for use with other APIs and systems such as a discovery tool, local catalog, Web site, or database.
    Can I Retrieve License Data for Resources with the API?
    The License Data API uses a unique LibraryCode (three character code) to specifically identify every library or institution in the Client Center. The LibraryCode controls the license data for resources shown in your discovery system results page based on your LibraryCode profile. You can identify your LibraryCode while you're logged into the Client Center by looking at the end of the URL address in your browser window ( The information is based on data points such as database, title name, and identifiers. You can also access all of the license data that is stored in 360 Resource Manager at one time so the data you want can be added to your portals and databases in bulk.

    Can I use it with Other APIs?
    The License Data API can be used with other Serials Solutions APIs. You can display or combine your license information with your 360 Link, Summon, or Urichsweb APIs. Every situation is unique so customizing how to combine APIs and the criteria used to retrieve and display data is at your discretion. Refer to the Key Support to help you determine how to use APIs at your library or institution.
    For example, if you are using the 360 Link API to create a specific user interface for Open URL retrieval, you can choose to query the License Data API based on ISSN, Resource Name, or Serials Solutions Identifier and display license data within your institution-specific 360 Link results page. You could do something similar using the Summon API and the 360 Resource Manager License Data API.
    API Access Requirements
    The 360 Services: XML APIs identifies and describes the operation of APIs and our services. Please note: to use or view the API, you must first sign a Terms of Use (TOU). Upon completion of the TOU, you will be given access to the API technical documentation, providing guidance about how to work with and use the API. Two PDF versions of the TOU agreement are available:
    • Use the Terms of Use document if internal staff from your institution will be using the API.
    • Use the Terms of Use (third party) document if an agent (a party not affiliated with your institution) will be using the API on your behalf.

    Use the Support Portal (accessible from the More Sites drop-down menu above) to send us a signed TOU agreement.
    Key Support Information
    We have more information about configuring your API and how it can interact with your current product services. The 360 Resource Manager: Using the License Data API has detailed technical information about authentication, XML structure, and parameters.
    You can learn how to connect with other users of our services using our Client Listservs. Note that currently there is no listserv for users of this License Data API.
    Use the Support Portal option near the top of the page if you need any additional information or help.

    • Date Created: 9-Feb-2014
    • Last Edited Date: 3-May-2016
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