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    “This station (IP address) cannot loan items belonging to”, but item *is* loaned

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    After installing a v18 Service Pack, such as 1411, you get the message "This station (IP address) cannot loan items belonging to -" in trying to check out items for loan. (There is a long series of meaningless numbers and letters following the "belonging to".) Even though this error is popping up and there is no confirmation of the checkout in the lower right-hand pane, the item *is* successfully loaned. We can verify this by looking at the patron’s loans.

    What can we do to keep this erroneous message from appearing?

    The message can occur legitimately when the pc is not specified in the ./xxx50/tab/tab_attr_sub_library as valid for loan for this particular sublibrary. (See KB 16384-2033.) But in this case, it *was* specified, and the message should *not* have been produced.

    It seems that the problem has to do with the version of the pc \CIRC\BIN\circ.exe being used.

    There can be at least two reasons that the pc is not getting the new circ.exe:

    1. Version Check is looking in the wrong place.
    If you have [VersionControl] Type= <blank> in alephcom.ini, Version Check looks in the $aleph_root/pc_exe/directory.
    If you have not moved the files in the $aleph_root/pc_exe/sp_exe and (selected) $aleph_root/pc_exe/sp_conf files *to* the ./version/ directory as part of the Service Pack installation, it won't find them. See KB 16384-275 for full discussion of this situation.

    2. Version Check is failing to transfer the new files because the pc user lacks Windows Admin Privileges....

    From Daniel Cromwell, at FCLA:

    "We now feel that in most cases the circ.exe was not being updated during version check. In several of the instances staff did not have Windows Admin privileges and, therefore, the replacement of the old files through version check did not happen properly. In other cases we believe that staff who opened the Circ module and then did version check might have not received an updated circ.exe. (Concrete evidence is a little lacking on this one).

    "When the circ.exe from service pack 1411 is updated we no longer see the error message."

    To check whether the pc user has administrative privileges, do: Control Panel --> User Accounts . Users with "Administrators" as the Group have Administrative privileges.

    If the problem occurs with *PDQ* loans only, see KB 16384-2117.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013