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    ... debug mode is off"

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 21

    I see in a particular job or server log that "_____________ debug mode is off" for a particular routine. How can I turn it on?

    Some programs have a CALL "get_verbose_mode".

    For example, the z100_display_information program has this statement:

    CALL "get_verbose_mode" USING
    "z100_display_information " ...

    and this line appears in the logs of the many batch jobs which invoke the z100:

    z100_display_information debug mode is off

    To turn debugging on for the z100_display_information routine, you add the following line after the start_p_proc line in the $aleph_proc/p_xxxxx_nn <where p_xxxxx_nn is the service name>:

    setenv z100_display_information Y

    The same applies to routines which appear in the pc_server, www_server, etc.,logs. {The server $aleph_proc procedures have no start_p_proc line; the setenv's would be placed after the "setenv VERBOSE 0" line. (The VERBOSE line controls debug-mode in the main pc_server routines.)}

    Debug mode is primarily intended for use by Aleph programmers. Turning it on will do no harm, but the information produced may not be useful to your diagnosis.

    Note 1: You can have setenv's for any number of programs; it is not limited to one.

    Note 2: Most programs/routines do *not* have SW-DEBUG defined and do not call "get_verbose_mode". (This is hard-coded in the program.) It's only the programs which appear in logs with "... debug mode is off" which can have debug turned on.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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