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    099 call numbers "inherit" extra subfields in batch loads

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    When loading records from OCLC or RLIN, the resulting 852 fields consist of the 099 $a in 852 $h, but have the 090 or other call number field's $b tacked on as a $i.

    The tab_mapping table looks like this:

    ABCD 050## a 8520 h Y N
    ABCD 050## b 8520 i Y N
    ABCD 090## a 8520 h Y N
    ABCD 090## b 8520 i Y N
    ABCD 099## a 8528 h Y N

    If the incoming record has an 090 like this:


    And has an 099 like this:


    The 852 ends up looking like this:

    $$hSPEC 1234$$i.A35

    Is there some way to configure ALEPH so this does not happen?

    The problem is that the loader program creates the various subfields as it goes along. When it comes to the point of creating a new subfield, it deletes any such subfield that it has already created, but does not delete others that might be hanging around. So, in this case, it has already created a subfield i, and does not get any trigger that tells it to drop that one, which thus gets added to your final call number. This may or may not be a bug, as perhaps there are occasions where you would want to get subfields from different fields, such as a subfield i from the 090, then the subfield h from the 099. I've never seen any such example, but with lots of international libraries on Aleph, there could be such a situation somewhere.

    To resolve it, you need to do something that will trigger the deletion of the remaining subfield i, but not actually create a new one. You can do this by adding a line to your tab_mapping that will try to create an empty subfield i for each 099 $$a it finds. The program won't add an empty subfield, but that will be enough to make it delete the already created one. The 099 lines in tab_mapping should look like this:

    ABCD 099## a 8528 h Y N
    ABCD 099## a 8528 i s/*// Y N

    This mechanism instructs the loader to create a subfield i from each 099 $$a, but then to delete all the content.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013