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    856 field in Web display

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    How can I cause only the 856 sub field z contents to display in the Web, instead of both u and z? Obviously, z should be a text link created using the url in u.

    n standard MARC this is not done with sub field z, but rather with sub field u. In standard MARC sub field u is "Link Text". Thus sub field u, when clicked, goes to the link, not sub field z (which is a public note, not a link).

    Here is an example:

    24510 L $$aYahoo Internet Site.
    8564 L $$$$yDisplay Text$$4n

    Now when you see this in the Web OPAC standard view, all you see for the link is "Display text", and when you click it you go to

    This is because 856 is defined as follows for Web in edit_doc_999.eng (this is how it correctly was, we did not touch it):

    do the following:
    grep 856 edit_doc_999.eng | grep W$
    ## 856## D LLink Y M E W

    The "M" in column 10 means (as stated in header):
    ! M - Electronic resource link
    ! - in effect only if the field contains
    ! subfield "u"
    ! - uses col.3 of tab_buf_z403 instead of
    ! cols.3,4 and 6 of edit_doc_999 for
    ! filter and link definitions

    Now, you do have a subfield u in your 856 fields, thus you are using col.3 of tab_buf_z403 to display your link text.

    To see full details of what this means, you may see table header of tab_buf_z403. In short it means that edit_field indicator Y will be used for display of the link text. However, you removed edit field indicator Y from edit_field.

    Thus, if you add sub field z it too will display, but remeber, according to MARC sub field U is the link text.
    You should fix your edit_field.heb

    Additional Information

    web, full link

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013