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    ALEPH "Booking" form allows date in the past

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    We've noticed that the booking system doesn't always prevent booking items with a booking date earlier than the current date. In the staff GUI there is no block or alert if we type in a date from the past by mistake. The booking is placed anyway. In the OPAC the user usually gets an error message and is blocked from booking a date that has passed, but not always. We have not identified the circumstances where this happens but have received complaints that it has happened several times and can verify this with the following SQL:

    select Z37h_CATALOGER_NAME, trim(z37h_open_date),
    trim(substr(z37h_booking_start_time,1,8)) from z37h where
    trim(z37h_open_date) > trim(substr(z37h_booking_start_time,1,8)) and
    z37h_booking_start_time like '200%';

    Cataloger Z37_open_date Z37_booking_start_time
    UMDCIRCSTF 20050828 20050826
    UMDDESK 20060713 20060706
    20081018 20040718
    UMDDESK 20081108 20081106
    UMDDESK 20081108 20081106
    UMDDESK 20081108 20081106
    UMDDESK 20081108 20081106
    20081110 20081011
    20090218 20080218
    DMORRIS 20090219 20090120
    20090215 20090208
    UMDDESK 20090219 20090218

    The ones without a cataloger are from the OPAC. Since many of these are recent we're wondering if something has changed with a recent service pack or possibly v.19. There is a known issue on this topic 16384-4050 from May 2008 but at that time it didn't state that users could complete the booking.

    Corrected by:

    v19 rep_change 756
    v20 rep_change 2279

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013