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    ALEPH 20: patron record created with a blank record key

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We recently found in our z303 table a record with a blank in the z303_rec_key. There are no other characters in the rec_key.

    It was created on 3/21/2010 which is the Sunday of the weekend that we converted from Aleph version 19 to 20.
    I am unable to call the record up in the GUI by patron name, keyword, barcode, or patron ID.
    The z303 record has "Law ILL Unit" as the Z303-NAME.
    There are twelve z304 rows associated with this record and these have an e-mail address of
    I also find 2 rows in z308.

    I can't call it up in the GUI and can't figure out how to determine if I have all the pieces to delete it with SQL.
    I'm afraid it will come back to haunt us during future upgrades.

    I find in the v20 demo library tables that there is a USR00 patron record with:
    "Law ILL Unit" as the z303_name,
    "" as the z304_email_address, and
    "USM50-ILL_LA" as the z303_rec_key.

    It seems that this record has somehow become connected to your ABC patron file. You may want to check in the ABC40 ILL library for z410 records with a blank z410_id and z416 records with a blank z416_requester_id.

    I think you should use SQL to delete the z303, z304's, and z308's you have found. In addition, you should check for z305's and z353's:

    SQL> select z305_rec_key from z305 where z305_rec_key like ' %';

    SQL> select z353_rec_key from z353 where z353_id = ' ';

    and delete any of those as well.

    You should back up the affected tables, using p_file_03, before doing any such deletions.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013