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    ALEPH cataloging statistics

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    You want to get statistics on records cataloged in the past year, by Cataloger.

    The p_com_02 Service produces statistics on records in a specific time period, by Cataloger. (Note: the statistics on records opened is OK, but it seems the statistics on updates may not be what you expect. p_com_03 was created address this. See KBs 8192-8615 and 22918.

    There's a z106 table into which the CAT fields from the bib records can be written as Oracle records. The p_com_02 job does NOT use this table. It uses ./alephm/sql_stat/util_s_01_23.sql which filters based on Z13-OPEN-DATE and Z13-UPDATE-DATE and then reads the CAT fields from the bib records directly. The p_com_03 job *does* read this z106 table.

    The z106 table could be created and then read by user-devised SQL queries. ARC can also be used to produce reports against the z106. p_manage_19 reads the bib records and writes the CAT fields as Z106 records. Then, if the bib tab100 CREATE-Z106 flag set to "Y", the creation/update of bib records will create new Z106 records on an ongoing basis.

    So, the sequence would be this:

    1. Run p_manage_19 in the xxx01 bib library to generate z106 records from the z00 CAT fields.
    2. Specify CREATE-Z106=Y in the xxx01 tab100 and restart the pc_server.
    3. Run p_com_03 in xxx01 to get CATaloger statistics for xxx01.

    The same sequence could be followed for the xxx60 (HOL) or xxx10 (authority) libraries.

    Note 1: This KB originally suggested that the Z00R table, if being written, might used to get CATaloger statistics. Since the CAT fields in the Z00R are, like those in the Z00, variable length, with variable-length subfields, this will not work.

    Note 2: If you run p_manage_13 to delete CAT fields, you should make sure that you are not deleting fields which you want to be counted in statistics.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013