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    Adding data elements to pc_tab_exp_field.lng

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I need to add a few new codes into pc_tab_exp_field.lng for

    Is it enough to add lines to pc_tab_exp_field.eng in order for the new codes to be usable in the GUI, or are there additional config files I need to edit?

    You want to be careful about adding order statuses. While it may be possible, there is functionality tied to certain order statuses, and there won't be with user-added statuses.

    You may also want to double-check XXX50/tab/tab42 (Automatic change of item processing status, according to action). If you add items with orders, this table indicates the item processing status of the items to be assigned based on the order status.

    You can't add your own order statuses to tab42, but if you add new order statuses to pc_tab_exp_field that are "in between" the existing ones, you may want to be sure that the item processing status of the item records is what you want. "In between" refers to an order status that that would occur between two of the existing order statuses. Typically the progression of order statuses is NEW--RSV--SV--CLS based on actions taken in the client. If you were adding an order status to represent actions staff might take that would occur in the acquisitions routine -- for example between NEW and RSV, or between SV and CLS -- you can code your desired change in tab42. To do this, change the item processing statuses that correspond to order statuses that are native to Aleph. You can add a new item processing status in tab15 and pc_tab_exp_field and then add it to tab42, such as if you want SV+ to result in an item processing status other than IP.

    Be sure to restart the pc server afterwards.

    [Thanks to Cheryl McCraw, CCLA and Christine Moulen, MIT for this answer, included in posts to Aleph-NA list.]

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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