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    Aleph 18 and Aleph 20 on same server

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    I'm planning to load a test version of Aleph 20 on our current Aleph 18 test server, with the plan to run both versions simultaneously for a while. Is there any documentation which you would suggest I read prior to doing this? Are there any "gotchas" which you think I should watch for or be aware of while doing this install?

    First, I strongly suggest that you get the /20/Installation and System Requirements/Aleph Installation Kit.pdf from the Doc Portal if you have not already done so.

    I don't have any direct experience with Aleph installations and can't supply any Gotcha's. You might want to check the Knowledge Base.

    I do have an example of a server which has the *exact* structure you describe: our aleph112 server where both v18 and v20 are installed. (This is the server that I used for the Upgrading to v20: Upgrade Express Webinar.) The critical thing, of course, is to keep Oracle 11 completely separate from Oracle 10 and Aleph 18 completely separate from Aleph 20.

    I know that you can have different mount points, so you may choose a different set-up. But I will show the directory structure on our aleph112:

    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> cd /
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> ls
    backup/ etc/ home/ mnt/ oradiag_root/ sbin/ usr/
    bin@ exlibris/ lib/ net/ platform/ system/ var/
    dev/ export/ m1/ opt/ proc/ tmp/

    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> ls
    aleph/ data/ ftp_from_exlibris_18/ oradata/ startup/
    app/ ftp_from_exlibris@ ftp_from_exlibris_a20/ product/ tmp/

    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> cd aleph
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> ls
    a18_1/ def_version.16Apr20090946* u20_2/
    a20_2/ jerrys/
    backup_temp/ logbook.aleph.18.a18_1 upgrade_express_1801_1901.tar.1.25
    dead.letter ora_aleph/ upgrade_express_1801_1901/
    def_aleph.dat oradiag_aleph/ upgrade_express_1901_2001.tar.1.08 u18_1.orig/ upgrade_express_1901_2001/
    def_version u18_1/

    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> cd ora_aleph
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> ls
    ora_passwd_a112_a18 ora_passwd_a112_a20

    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> cd /exlibris/app/oracle/product
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> ls
    102/ 11/

    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> cd /exlibris/app/oracle/admin
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> ls
    a112_a18/ a112_a20/

    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> cd /exlibris/oradata
    aleph@aleph112(a20_2) USM01> ls
    a112_a18/ a112_a20/

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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