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    Aleph 20 client claims to be Version 19.01

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    New installs of Aleph 20 client show Version 19.01 in the client title bar.

    I installed the Aleph 20 client from the gui500.exe provided on the server. Version 20.2, no service packs. From there, I used the built-in upgrade process to upgrade my version 19 customizations into version 20.
    I then packaged a version 20 client for distribution to the rest of our staff. I put the new verutil.exe into this distribution.

    I installed the 20.2 SP 1 on the server.

    Now, staff install the version 20 client. Immediately it runs version check and gets new exe files. Then when staff login, the title bar says this:

    ALEPH Acquisitions/Serials - Version 19.01 Library ABC50 - ABC Administrative (ABC50) Server: (20.01) User: username

    My original client, after running the service pack version check, still says Version 20.01.

    I've looked at one of these new installations. It is version 20. I can see things on the screen that are not part of the version 19 client. And Help->About says 20.2.1 (3260) for both GUI Version and Server Version.

    Any idea why the window title bar shows 19.01, and how I can fix that?

    As described in KB 16384-24898, the version# you see in the blue title bar comes from the pc’s alephcom.ini "Version=" parameter.

    [From site:] I had neglected to do 2 things in packaging the client:

    1. clean c:\al500 of.sav files (the alephcom.ini with 19.01 was in xxx_tab\alephcom.ini.sav)

    2. copy the recently customized ini files into the xxx folders

    I think I'm done here.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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