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    Aleph 22: Additional overdue items message not being displayed

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 22

    Problem Symptoms:
    Configuration for 'Additional overdue items' message (referred to in Release Notes for Version 22 p.29)

    This document says to add various lines in 2 files which i have done

    ./[ADM Library]/pc_display_LNG/item-return:
    ./[ADM Library]/pc_display_LNG/item-return.trn:

    However when I return an item I see no such line added to the display (nor is the ILL items on shelf message present)

    utf file newer than configuration file

    1. Remove the files item-return and item-return.trn from $aleph_utf/utf_files/exlibris/alephe/u22_x/xxx50/pc_display_lng/
    2. Execute a return action for a test in the GUI module to recreate the utf_file from the original file.

    Additional Information

    The removal of the utf file can either be done
    a. manually (just remove the file in utf_files/exlibris/alephe/u22_x/xxx50/pc_display_lng/)
    b. using UTIL X/7 Clean utf_files Directory for cleaning up all utf files which is a recommended post upgrade action.
    This option should only be used when all Aleph services are stopped.

    Category: Circulation/ALEPH

    Subject: Table configuration (500) - ALEPH

    • Article last edited: 6/6/2014