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    Aleph and PDS: Z308 values

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We are currently implementing Primo here. In Primo we are going to use PDS, for LDAP authentication. After authentication, Primo needs to match the patron in Aleph, based on the institutional ID, that was used for LDAP authentication. But in Aleph we do not use this institutional ID to identify patrons: the institutional ID does not match the Aleph Z303 ID and also does not match any other Z308 record. Therefore, the only way to get this institutional ID in Aleph is to create an additional ID, that is, an extra Z308 record. For this, we need information about field values.

    We suggest that you store the institutional ID in a new key-type currently not in use. For example you may use type 03.
    Then you would need to add this line to tab_bor_id.eng:
    03 L Institutional login 00 Y Y N N
    COL 7. of tab_bor_id.eng should be set to "N" to leave verification empty.

    Your Z308-data should have:

    Z308-REC-KEY, consisting of
    Z308-KEY-TYPE ----> "03" (in this example)
    Z308-KEY-DATA ----> Institutional ID
    Z308-USER-LIBRARY ----> "ABC50"
    Z308-VERIFICATION-TYPE -> "00"
    Z308-ID ----> Z303-REC-KEY of relevant patron
    Z308-STATUS ----> "AC"
    Z308-ENCRYPTION ----> "H"

    Please note:
    The identification from PDS is done via bor-info X-service that only uses the ID (but no verification). So verification is not needed in this case.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013