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    Bib records not being sent to Primo

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We have a list of books that are not getting picked up by p_publish_04:

    system ID Title
    000544786 King Hussein by Matusky and Hayes, Chelsa House, 1987
    000767448 Hussein of Jordan by Luncy, Morrow, 1989.
    000856573 King Hussein by Dallas, Fromm International, 1999
    001071479 Leap of Faith: memoirs of an unexpected Life, Queen Noor, Mirmax, 2003
    019099090 Audio book of the title above
    001100810 The 50 years war, Israel and the Arabs, Warner Home Video, 2000
    001342342 Tkuman, Films for Humanity, 2006
    001527049 Lion of Jordan by Shlaim, 2008

    Not sure what we can do to get these books into Primo.

    [See KB 16384-14146 for a general discussion of records not getting into Primo.]

    Checking the z00p in the $usr_library (abc50), I see that there is no z00p for abc01 doc records 000544786 or 000767448 (and presumably the others in your list).

    Though p_publish_04 is used to create the original z00p, the ongoing creation/update of the z00p is performed by ue_21.

    I tried to use util f/1/13 to resend doc record 000544786 for re-indexing, but got the error:

    Oracle error: handle_connection
    ORA-28000: the account is locked

    You need will need to either:

    (1) perform the analysis described in KB 8192-10679 and unlock the CTXSYS account; or
    (2) since you are not using the ADAM functionality, as described in KB 16384-306, simply drop the z91, and then will be able to leave the CTXSYS locked and yet not see these errors in util f/1/13, ue_01, ue_21, etc.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013