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    Bracket info from 049 tag is showing up in 852 $$a, $$b, and $$c subfields

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I'm setting up our system to work with the OCLC server import procedure. I have configured tab_mapping because I want to create Holdings records upon import. However, when I include a bracketed stamp in the 049 field, along with our OCLC code, that bracketed stamp is repeated in all 852 subfields, include $$a, $$b, and $$c. For example, when I import an OCLC record with this 049 info:

    049: XZLA [Test stamp]

    I get a HOL with:

    8521 L $$aExL [Test stamp] $$bMAIN [Test stamp] $$cCIRCR [Test stamp]

    Here is the relevant section of tab_mapping

    XZLA 049## a 8521 a s/XZLA/ExL/ Y Y
    XZLA 049## a 8521 b s/XZLA/MAIN/ Y N
    XZLA 049## a 8521 c s/XZLA/CIRCR/ Y N
    XZLA 0920# a 8521 h Y N
    XZLA 0920# b 8521 i Y N

    tab_mapping does very precise and very literal mapping. As an example, when you code this line:

    XZLA 049## a 8521 a s/XZLA/ExL/ Y Y

    You are saying:

    If the 049 OCLC code is XZLA, take the contents of subfield $$a of the 049 tag and insert it into the subfield $$a of the 852. Then look for the string XZLAand replace it with ExL. Therefore:

    XZLA [Test stamp] becomes ExL [Test stamp]

    If you want to replace the entire contents of the 049 $$a, and not just the OCLC code, you need to use this in tab_mapping:

    XZLA 049## a 8521 a s/*/ExL/ Y Y

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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