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    C0101 2 error message after password change

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    After I changed the default out-of-box password for the MASTER
    user while connecting to the USR00 library (In aleph_start, it is
    set to be the pw_library.) in our v.16 test environment, things
    seemed to be working fine as long as the password was entered

    The problem occurs only when one enters a wrong password - the
    system throws the following error message:"Remote service error
    C0101 2 Error in password for user name MASTER." Upon this error
    message, the GUI module is open, and yet the user is not able to
    perform any functions in the module because all the drop-down
    menus become empty. Once the user closes the GUI module and logs
    again using the correct password, everything works fine.

    Instead of having to close the GUI module and logging again,
    what we want is the system's default message when one enters a
    wrong password i.e., "Password not verified on connectable hosts."
    Thus, upon clicking the OK button, the user is able to re-enter
    the correct password. I wonder what I can do to have this message
    and the OK button back to the MASTER user when a wrong password is

    When you enter a wrong password and you get the "Remote service error C0101 2 Error in password for user name MASTER" message, can you go to the lower right corner of the module and right-click on the key icon to evoke the login window again (without having to close/re-open the client).

    According to KB #420, the "Error in password for user name xxxxxxx" message indicates that there is a z66 record for this user name, but its password is not the password which you have entered in. That is the accompanying error message for the scenario that you have described.

    The "Password not verified on connectable hosts" message indicates that the system has tried this Username/password for each of the addresses listed in your alephcom/tab/library.ini and found that it doesn't work for *any* of them. I don't think that this true in your case, therefore this message would not be appropriate for a wrong password.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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