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    CTRL-C in util after starting oclc_server, kills the oclc_server process

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    An issue I noticed while doing some testing on an unrelated support incident (WWW/PC servers not staying up): I had restarted the OCLC server in the same util session that I used to loop monitor all servers. It seems that the only way out of the loop monitoring is crtl-c. Unfortunately, this has the side effect of also causing the OCLC server to exit. It would appear to me that the OCLC server restart is not properly backgrounded from the util menu. Obviously the workaround is to not hit crtl-c in the same session as one where you restart at least the OCLC server (there may be others, I know WWW/PC are not affected).

    To reproduce: util w/3/7/3 (Restart OCLC)

    then while staying in the same util session go back to "W. Server and Daemon Managment (WWW,PC,Z39)", select 1 "Monitor Servers", select 9 to change loop status so that "Loop is ON" appears below "Monitor Servers", then choose 1 to monitor all servers. This loops the Monitor Server output constantly. I have only been able to escape out of this loop via crtl-c, ESC, Enter, Q, etc. do not work. Using crtl-c also has the side effect of taking you out of the util shell script. Then go back into util w/1/1, and you will see that the OCLC server is no longer running (port 5771, Server Type Generic). You can also see via ps -ef | grep oclc that the process is no longer running for that library. I am able to reproduce this on:

    aleph-test3-18(1) ABC01-ALEPH>>ver
    SUN_OS_2, aleph-test3, Aleph 18 revision 01 copy 1, 28-Feb-2006
    Oracle product
    Service Pack: 1411
    ARC ETL version: 1.1
    PDS version: 1.3.20045

    You don't have to do anything but hit control-c immediately after you restart the OCLC server. It will cause the same issue. Granted, control-c is not the advertised way of exiting the util menu, but I have not found another way out of the Server Monitor if I have Loop enabled.

    It was decided to not do anything about this. If you feel that this a problem which needs to be fixed, please contact .

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013