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    Call numbers missing for Course Reserve Personal Copy's

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 19.01

    Call numbers were missing for the abc30 records. KB 8192-6728 has mostly corrected the problem, but the call numbers are still not displaying for Course Reserve Personal Copy's (directly linked to the abc50 item).

    Those are bibliographic records for things not in the permanent collection like photocopies of articles that are circulated for courses. They are described bibliographically only in the abc30 library and not abc01. If you check course NUT010, you will see some bibliographic records that have call numbers (those connected via an abc01 bib record) and others that don't (those connected directly).

    When an xxx30 doc record is a professor's Personal Copy, connected to an xxx50 item record via an xxx30 "connection record", the doc record should have an ITM-type link in util f/3/12 and the connection record should have an ADM-type link.

    I was seeing this:

    ENTER DOC-NUMBER : 008052029
    ABC50 008052029 ADM

    ENTER DOC-NUMBER : 008052031

    That is, though the connection record had the ADM-type link, the doc record had no ITM-type link.

    The abc30 tables seemed OK and I didn't see what was causing the lack of this ITM link. I sent abc30 doc 008052031 to the server using util f/1/13 and, after doing so, saw this in util f/3/12:

    ENTER DOC-NUMBER : 008052031
    ABC50 008052029 ITM <-------------

    that is, the necessary ITM-type link had been generated.

    I constructed an SQL script ($alephe_root/jerrys/abc30.sql) which, looking at the abc30 z11 table for "SID ABC30", output the keys of abc30 records which should have ITM links.

    I appended "ABC30" to these record numbers and used that file (abc30.edited) as input to p_manage_40, which created a z07 indexing request record for each of these abc30 doc records.

    After running this and after the abc30 ue_01 re-indexed them, I found that the proper ITM-type links had been built and,
    whereas only two of the six documents for the NUT010 course had been displaying the call number previously, all of them now do.

    The question is why the run of p_manage_12 which you ran for abc30 with "Y,Y" didn't generate these ITM-type links. I certainly believe that this is what is happening at other sites.

    On the other hand, I think that now that the correct links are there, they should stay there and there should be no need to rebuild them.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013