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    Can label500.exe be used on v16 and how to set it up?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    Can label500.exe be used on v16 and how to set it up?

    The label500.exe can be used on v14.2 and up. A "How to Print Labels - 15 and later" document is found in the Documentation Portal - ALEPH500 Documentation / Tree Search / Printing. To summarize setup:
    The executable LABEL500.exe is found on the FTP server (support customers know the sign-in).
    Go to external_label_printing_program.
    Take and install the LABEL500.EXE on your workstation.
    Copy the exact location of the program (prt_srv.exe), to the relevant section in alephcom.ini:
    [PrintExecute] LABEL_PRINT=C:\Label500.exe\prt_srv.exe $1 $2
    This variable 'LABEL_PRINT', defines which forms will use this external program, in xxx50/tab/form_print_method. For example, one may have in form_print_method (not all lines are mandatory, this is an example):
    item-copy-label 00 EXECUTE LABEL_PRINT
    item-copy-label 20 EXECUTE LABEL_PRINT
    item-issue-label 00 EXECUTE LABEL_PRINT
    item-issue-label 20 EXECUTE LABEL_PRINT
    The items/tab/print.ini should also be accurate, with correct form numbers. (Note: When nn is in the range 00 - 19, inside labels will be produced. When nn is in the range 20 - 99, spine labels will be produced.). Use the 'How To' document for in-depth explanations and suggestions for modifications and customization. Version 16.02 requires restart of pc_server for activation of change in form_print_method.

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013