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Can we delete files from the ftp_from_exlibris directory?

  • Article Type: General
  • Product: Aleph
  • Product Version: 20

We are running out of space on our /exlibris filesystem. Can we delete files from the ftp_from_exlibris directory?

In general, the files in the ftp_from_exlibris directory are files which could, if necessary, be re-ftp-ed. (Though in some cases this could be time-consuming.)

Any files which pertain to older versions can be deleted. For instance, if you are now on version 20 / Oracle 11 and you see files which pertain to version 18 / Oracle 10, you can delete them.

If staff at your site ftp-ed the file, then you should feel free to delete it.

If Ex Libris staff ftp-ed the file and you are uncertain what version it pertains to, then you should contact Ex Libris Support.

Files for old Service Packs can be deleted. The files for the *current* Service Pack should be saved (in case it is necessary to reinstall it).

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  • Article last edited: 11/22/2013