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    Cancel and Renew buttons in Circulation/Patron Activity/ILL Requests

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    We want to prevent circulation and other non-ILL staff from being able to use the Cancel and Renew Buttons on the Circulation/Patron Activity/ILL
    Requests node. We have checked all the privileges in both UCL40 and UCL50 and cannot find where these functions can be restricted.

    This problem first arose in version 18, and we opened SIs then (16384-20823, 16384-67377), but it has never been resolved as to where the privileges for these functions exist. Could you please explain how to achieve our aim?

    From Aleph 20 Syslib Guide - Integrated ILL section 20.1 Circulation Checks p.65:
    Renew loan for an ILL material – The check_circ_13_a routine (Col. 2 of tab_check_circ) works with the RENEW and RENEW-GBL (Col.1 of tab_check_circ) actions. The 13_a routine checks if the renewed items are ILL items; if so, the renew action is enabled only for authorized ILL staff user (staff user with ILL Unit same as the ILL unit that attached to the ILL item).The reason for this check: ILL items renewal require supplier's confirmation and the renew action should not be allowed for patrons or non ILL staff. It is recommended to block the override option for this check. To do so, set error code 803 in ./xxx50/tab/ check_circ_override as follows:
    0803 99 ILL item (Barcode $1) can be renewed only by authorized ILL staff (renew requires supplier's confirmation).

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    Cancel and Renew buttons in Circulation, ILL Requests

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013