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    Cannot recall multiple vols in a set ("Borrower has a like copy")

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    When trying to place an request through the web OPAC for different volumes from a set, the system will not allow the transaction. The error message is: Borrower has a like copy. URL of page from ABC02: What can be done?

    This message (in the Web) is 1145 in $alephe_error_eng/www_heading. The ./check/check_hold_request_m program issues the 1145 message when the ./com/match_z30_z30 program finds that there is an item for this same ADM which has the same: z30_item_process_status, z30_chronological_i, z30_enumeration_a, z30_enumeration_b, and z30_enumeration_c fields. And, assuming that TAB10-HOLD-REQUEST-ITEM-STATUS, TAB10-HOLD-REQUEST-COLLECTION, and TAB10-SUB-LIBRARY-DIVISION are set to "Y", the same item status, collection, and sublibrary. If all of these match, it is considered to be a like copy and the message is issued..
    This will work well for ISSUE items --where the enum/chron fields are typically populated--, but not well for multi-volume non-ISSUE items where the only difference from one item to another is often the value in the z30_description field.
    We suggest that until this is resolved you remove the check_hold_request_m ("patron has item on loan and is attempting to request a like copy") lines from your ./xxx50/tab/tab_hold_request table .

    See also KB 16384-18769.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013