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    Change of 852 $$b sublibrary results in change to circ policy for connected items

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Description

      Change of the HOL 852 $$b sublibrary results in a change to the z30_sub_library, which, in turn, can change the circ policy for these connected items.  Is there any warning to the cataloger about this?


      Let's say that the item has z30_item_status '03'. You change the sublibrary from XXXX1 to XXXX2. 
      If the tab16 Group ID for sublibrary XXXX2 is different than that for XXXX1, then the circ policy for item status 03 in this different Group ID *could* be different than that in the entry in the Group ID for XXXX1. 
      In this case, when changing the sublibrary, the cataloger needs to consider whether this change will, because a different line in tab16 will be used, also require a change to the item status. There is no alert in the system when such a change is occurring. The cataloger needs to remember to check the item in such cases. (Note: If there are a large number of items for a particluar title, the manage-62 Item Update Service may be used to change them rather than doing each individually.) 
      Note:  The reason there is no warning for this may be that in the majority of cases libraries have basically the same policy for each item status for each sublibrary in the same Group ID and, if the item status is staying the same, the change of the sublibrary does not change the policy. 

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