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    Changing New Book Area Temp Item Location Automatically

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    It's been 5 years since this topic was originally brought up, and I was wondering if anyone has in the meantime thought of a way to do this (have books with a temporary New Book Area/Shelf location automatically revert to their permanent location after XX number of days) without having to manually wand the barcode to change each item.

    This manual process becomes problematic if the items circulate, because they may then be on loan when the changeover date arrives, or even wander around within the library & get re-shelved in the "wrong" place, thus remaining a "New Book" forever. In my previous library, New Books didn't circulate but patrons could place requests on them so that after the items were processed off the New Book table, they'd go on hold, but inevitably some "new" books were taken to other areas of the library, the colored slip was misplaced, and the items were reshelved. We caught these because New Book items were charged out to a dummy patron who subsequently got overdue notices if they hadn't been properly out-processed in a reasonable period of time. Still, it required a certain amount of staff time to handle these items (each book had to be scanned twice, once to go "on" the New Book table, once to take it "off").

    Since Aleph can automatically put an item in a "reshelving" status and then change it to "on shelf" after a fixed period of time, I was hoping there was a similar "timed" function for a temporary location (or temp location/status).

    The Aleph restore_adm_item routine: changes the z30_temp_location flag from "Y" to "N", reads the ADM doc record z30 field and moves the z30 sublibrary, collection, call#, etc., to the z30 record.

    Aside from being called in the GUI, this routine is executed as part of the p_cir_15 ("Report of Items in Reading Room") and p_course_03 ("Remove items from Reserves Collection").

    There are no other jobs which allow you to perform this function.

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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