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    Cleaning up Course records **MASTER RECORD**


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care



    We want to delete the various records associated with courses:  the xxx30 Course doc records, the z108 Course records, and, if not linked to any bib record, the xxx50 item and ADM records.


    The first step is to run the course-05 Service in the xxx50 library to check the z108_date_to field and update the course period to 'NA' (Not Active) if it's less than today.

    The second step is to run the course-03 Service in the xxx30 library to remove items from the Reserves Collection, as described in the article " Deactivating a course and its items **MASTER RECORD** ".   

    The third is to run manage-33 Service for the xxx30 library as described in the article " Can manage-33 be run for a Course library? ".   There may be multiple entries in the z103 for course doc records.  manage-33 will delete all entries which it is appropriate to delete.  (If the ADM record is linked to an xxx01 bib record, it will not delete the z103_type ADM link.)

    Lastly, if the course is really defunct and will not need to be reactivated in the future, after successfully running manage-33, you can delete the z108 course record itself in the GUI Circulation client.  

    Individual deletion in the GUI is probably best, but batch deletion -- after successfully running course-03 and manage-33 -- could be performed, like this:

    > s+ xxx50
    SQL> delete from z108 where z108_date_to < 'yyyymmdd' and z108_date_to ^= '00000000';

    "yyyymmdd" should be whatever date you want to use to distinguish course records which should be physically deleted.  Courses with a  z108_date_to of "00000000" are "common courses".  These should be checked and deleted individually in the GUI.

    The z108 should be backed up, via the file-03 Service, prior to doing such SQL.

    If you want to delete the xxx30 z00 "stub" doc records left by the manage-33 Service, consult the article " Deleting "stub" Course Reserve doc records not attached to CNO ".  Note:  This is not really necessary.

    If you want to clean out the xxx30 library entirely or to actually remove it, consult the article " Course Reading module clean-up or removal of library ".



    • Article last edited: 8-Mar-2018
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