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    Course reading -- duplicate records in Primo *MASTER RECORD*


    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20, 21, 22, 23
    • Relevant for Installation Type: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care


    In course reading, when we add a document using "Catalog New" button, two documents are created.

    In Primo, we see the same document twice. 
    In GUI, we see a document for the course (empty title) and one for the document. Why does this happen?


    As described in the article "In non-Union View Course Reading each title is duplicated" (KB 16384-14097), the creation of a Course Reserve record via "Catalog New" results in two xxx30 doc records: the regular record and the "connection record". In this case we have the regular record:

    Reading doc : 000005187
    LDR L 00565nam--22001817a-4500
    CNO L $$aPHI1143^^^^^^^^^^^^^0001
    SID L $$aABC30-000005186-PHI1143
    CNO-0 L $$81$$aPHI1143 $$bPhilosophie de l'art $$cVanderveken, Daniel $$1Winter $$ePhilosophie
    CNO-1 L $$81$$aPhilosophie de l'art
    CNO-2 L $$81$$aPhilosophie de l'art - Vanderveken, Daniel
    CNO-3 L $$81$$aVanderveken, Daniel
    CNO-4 L $$81$$aVanderveken, Daniel - Philosophie de l'art
    CNO-5 L $$81$$aPhilosophie
    CNO-6 L $$81$$1Winter
    CNO-8 L $$81$$aPHI1143 - Vanderveken, Daniel
    CNO-9 L $$81$$aVanderveken, Daniel - PHI1143
    CNO10 L $$81$$aPHI1143 - Philosophie de l'art - Vanderveken, Daniel
    FMT L BK
    LDR L ^^^^^nam^^22^^^^^^a^4500
    008 L ^^^^^^s2000^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^000^^^fre^d
    245 L $$aFormal Pragmatics of Non Literal Meaning
    856 L $$u

    and the connection record (you will note that the SID field in the record above points to ABC30 000005186):

    Reading doc : 000005186
    FMT L BK
    LDR L ^^^^^nam^^22^^^^^^a^4500
    008 L ^^^^^^s2000^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^000^^^fre^d
    245 L $$aFormal Pragmatics of Non Literal Meaning
    856 L $$u

    I see that, though the regular abc30 records have CNO-6 period fields and the wpe Word index is being built, the bases in $alephe_tab/tab_base.eng (ABC30PUB and U-ABC30) have no wpe qualifiers. KB 16384-14097 recommends the specification of these wpe qualifiers as the solution and I think that this should work for you. 

    In regard to Primo, while the OPAC display is dynamic and the change to the base takes effect immediately, the records displayed in Primo are based on the records harvested previously in the tar file. To correct this, the set of records containing the duplicates will need to be deleted in Primo. 

    Article "Suppressed items are being published to Primo" (KB 16384-25777) talks about the removal of Suppressed records from Primo. Although your utr30 records do not have an STA Suppressed field, the case is similar in that the ABC30PUB base contains qualifiers which now cause these records to be omitted from the base. 

    I suggest that you do the following: Create a new abc30 record. It will be processed by ue_21 and generate a z00p record. The z00p should be generated for the regular record, but *not* for the connection record. If you find that no z00p is created for the connection record, then you should follow the steps described in KB 16384-25777 to correct the dataset in Primo.




    • Article last edited: 12-Mar-2016