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    Customizing Letter Forms Using print.ini

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    I'm trying to customize the Aleph Circulation service Booking Reminders (cir-33) letter.
    I've created a customized version of booking-reminder.xsl called booking-reminder-80.xsl in /xxx01/form_eng.
    I've repackaged the print templates using UTIL I / 6 and can see the customized file in \ALEPHCOM\files\XXX50\PrintTemplates\eng of my GUI client.
    However, when I run cir-33 the service doesn't use the customized version.
    I've checked the \CIRC\TAB\print.ini file but don't see a line for the booking reminder letter.
    What do I need to add in print.ini to point to the customized version of the letter or is this is controlled somewhere else?

    The lines in print.ini are ONLY for use with "on-demand" printing, not with printing from the Services menu.
    "On-demand" printing refers to letters and forms that are printed from the GUI either as automatic responses to some action or by clicking a Print button.

    Frequently in the Services menu, selecting a specific form to be used is a configurable option in the Services interface.
    In this specific form, cir-33, although the Report format can be set in the Services dialog, the Letter format cannot.

    If form selection is not available in the Services interface, then the System Librarian can control it via the form-specific translation file on the server (in this case, it would be xxx01/form_eng\booking-reminder.trn). The necessary command is: FORM-PRINT-FORMAT. It determines which form number to use when printing (09, below), depending on the field specified from <section-01> of the XML (z30-sub-library, below) and its contents (sub-library = MED, below).
    form-print-format z30-sub-library MED 09

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    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013