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    Debits/credits for Lost transactions remain in Active Cash -- despite 0 balance

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 18.01

    Debits and credits for lost material processing fees and lost material replacement costs are remaining in the Active cash, even though they have a zero balance (because the item was returned).

    Aren't these debits and credits that cancel each other out supposed to clear themselves and move to the history tab?

    If the status of a particular cash line is "O" (Open), it will display in the Active tab. If it is "C" (Closed) or "W" (Waived), it will display in the History tab.

    In the case of an overdue fine, when the fine is paid, the status of the transaction (the z31_status) changes to "C".

    In the case of Lost items, if the credit is done by changing the status of the Lost cash record(s) to Paid, then they will go to the History. But if separate credit transactions are created for return of the item, the records will remain in the Active tab.

    To eliminate an offsetting Debit/Credit from the Active Cash: Pay the Debit transaction and change the amount of the Credit transaction to zero (or delete it or waive it).

    Prior to version 18 the only option was to have the system create the offsetting credit transaction (with both being Open) when a Lost item was returned.

    But this changed with version 18 rep_ver 11286 added the LOST-LOAN-CREDIT-METHOD values of 4, 5, and 6. (See the rep_ver below.)

    These three LOST-LOAN-CREDIT-METHOD's are intended *exactly* to handle the situation where the site does not want the offsetting credit to be created, but instead to have the existing transaction be closed.

    The following SQL can be used to locate such cases:

    select substr(z31_rec_key,1,12), substr(z31_key,1,15), z31_sum from z31 where z31_status = 'O' and z31_type = '0041' group by substr(z31_rec_key,1,12), substr(z31_key,1,15), z31_sum having count(*) > 1;

    v18 rep_ver 11286:

    Description: Cash transaction enhancement - The development involves three main changes:

    1) When a patron is about to pay is debt or part of his debt, there are two optional dialogs to be opened: Pay Sum and Pay selected (for Partially payment). A new field was added to these two dialogs - Payment Identifier (e.g. chek number) , which can be filled by the staff member recieving the payment. This field's value will update the z31_payment_identifier field.
    2) New 3 possible values were added to TAB100-LOST-LOAN-CREDIT-METHOD.
    -- 4: like 1 but Open transactions will be waived instead of credited by Refund-Rate.
    -- 5: like 2 but Open transactions will be waived instead of credited by Refund-Rate.
    -- 6: like 3 but Open transactions will be waived instead of credited fully.

    If a lost item is returned, and the value in the ADM's TAB100-LOST-LOAN-CREDIT-METHOD is one of these 3 new values and the Z31 record status is Open, then the Z31 record of the debit created because of the lost will be waived without creating a credit. Waiving updates the Z31 record that way:

    z31-status is updated to 'W'.
    z31-payment-date-key is updated with current's date.
    z31-payment-cataloger is updated with the staff member handling the return of the lost item.
    z31-payment-id is updated with the IP station when the item is returned.
    z31-payment-receipt-number is updated with the next sequence granted to cash receipts.

    3) When the new functionality created a waiving, then a box is opened, asking the user whether he would like to view the new cash summary (only open transactions) of the patron, and if he does, such summary will appear.

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