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    Default Sort Type in the Order Invoice Lines Display

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    In my GUI, the Sort Type in the Order Invoice Lines display is "Vendor/Invoice Number (Descending)".
    Is there some way to specify a different sort as the default?

    It is important to be clear about which display is being sorted.

    [1] In Acquisitions > Order tab > [O] Order node > [I] Invoice node > upper right pane, Order Invoice Lines display, the sorting is controlled by the Sort Type dropdown box at the bottom of that pane.
    This setting is "remembered" by the system in the ACQ > tab > guisys.ini file > [OrderInvoiceList] > SortType variable.
    In this display screen, the system default is hard-coded as INV-1-D. In order to return to the system default , it is necessary to edit that guisys.ini file and change this setting to:

    This question is about #1. However, there is another display of Invoice details and it uses a different sort control.

    [2] In Acquisitions > Order tab > [O] Order node > [S] Items/Subscriptions node > lower right pane, General Information (2) display [this is the 3rd tab from the left] > Invoice Key field, since v19 rv 13879, the sorting is controlled by the pc_server_defaults environment variable "acq_user_z75_sort_routine".
    setenv acq_user_z75_sort_routine INV-2-D
    The pc_server needs to be restarted if this setting is changed.

    These are the available settings and codes for both locations (they may be described differently in your dropdown box):
    INV-1-A : Vendor/Invoice Number (Ascending)
    INV-1-D : Vendor/Invoice Number (Descending)
    INV-2-A : Invoice Date (Ascending)
    INV-2-D : Invoice Date (Descending)
    INV-3-A : Invoice Type (Ascending)
    INV-3-D : Invoice Type(Descending)
    INV-4-A : Related Budget (Ascending)
    INV-4-D : Related Budget (Descending)
    INV-5-A : Invoice Line Note (Ascending)
    INV-5-D : Invoice Line Note (Descending)
    INV-6-A : Invoice Number (Ascending)
    INV-6-D : Invoice Number (Descending)

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