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    Dewey Decimal call numbers not working correctly in item-01 or item-05

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20


    When we run p-item-01 for Dewey Decimal call numbers (type=1), all items in the specified collection, regardless of call number type, are included. The same occurs on the Shelf List report, item-05.
    We specify a range of call numbers from 131 to 650, for call number type 1, and all items are ordered alphabetically, beginning with Dewey 131 till 419, then item-call-no-type 5, with call numbers DVD to FFD, and again Dewey call number type 1 from 600 till the end.
    This does not happen with LC call numbers. When specifying LC call number type "0" , only items with type 0 are retrieved.
    We rebuilt the call number index but this didn't help.



    We found that the add_call_no_type procedure in tab_filing_call_no is commented out for types 0 and 1, but is present for all the other types. For the specified collection, the different types are "0", "1" and "5".
    The z30_call_no_key, on which the item-01 and item-05 work, looks like:

    z30_call_no_key .............5 DVD AD

    The prefix "5" is considered by the system for its numerical order, disregarding the z30_call_no_type.

    It does not happen for the LC call numbers, because the LC call numbers start with a letter, not number, and don't have the "add_call_no_type" routine in tab_filing_call_no, which adds the type number prefix to the z30_call_no_key.

    This was fixed by commenting out the "add_call_no_type" for type 5 in tab_filing_call_no and rebuilding the keys by p-item-06.
    Both item-01 and item-05 now retrieve only the Dewey call numbers.

    • Article last edited: 31-May-2016