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    Disk almost filled; cleaning up disk space

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 16.02

    I've been noticing space in our /exlibris directory on our production server is increasing between 1-3% daily and is now at 94% capacity. I do not know what files I am able to delete in this directory to free up space. Is there a document anywhere that details what files I can clean up. Please advise

    [Note: This is multi-ADM site with about 50 ADM libraries.]

    The "du -sk" command can be used to see where space is being used.
    Of the 192 gig. used on /exlibris, 10% is on app; 6%,on oradata; and 77%, on aleph:
    apollo-a16(1) >>cd /exlibris/app
    apollo-a16(1) >>du -sk

    app is *not* going to have delete-able files on it.

    a16(1) >>cd ../oradata
    a16(1) >>du -sk

    oradata can sometimes include archive logs which are of no use after a complete backup is done and should be moved or deleted. (If you take a hot backup, then the archive logs that were generated during the backup are needed.) In this case, the archive logs are on a different disk (not /exlibris) and there is nothing in this oradata to be deleted.

    a16(1) >>cd ../aleph
    a16(1) >>du -sk
    148598045 .
    a16(1) >>cd u16_1
    a16(1) >>du -sk
    82297626 <<-- 82 gig here

    16(1) SYS01-ALEPH>>cd $LOGDIR
    16(1) SYS01-ALEPH>>rm pc_ser_6991.* <<-- this command deleted 5 gig of files.

    This command " rm pc_ser_6991.* " will delete the older pc_ser_6991 files while preserving the current.

    Note: the pc_ser_6991 are *not* pc_server_6991.log. The latter is the log you would normally look at in diagnosing problems.
    The pc_ser would be used in running the "pc_server view" and "pc_server check" functions -- which are rarely used. You don't need more than the current pc_ser log. You can turn off pc_ser logging entirely by specifying "setenv pc_transactions_log N" in pc_server_defaults.

    Do util x/2 to delete $data_scratch files more than a year old in all libraries. (It asked me to take all the servers, etc., down, but since files more than a year old are *not* going to be in current use, I ignored this.)

    This reduced the space used on /exlibris from 89% to 61%. $data_scratch files are, by definition, temporary files.
    **The people creating them should be cleaning them up.** If they don't, you can periodically do this util x/2 for files older than 365 days

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