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    Duplicate Record Validation Checks

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Aleph
    • Product Version: 20

    When we create a new MARC and enter a 245 that is exactly the same as that of another record, the system should prompt that a duplicate already exist, but the validation checks, as shown in the screen shot below didn’t show any validation error related to “duplicate title”.

    v20 System Librarian Guide, Cataloging, p80
    24 Checking Routines for New Headings in the Headings List
    The system librarian can define which fields are **IGNORED** for purposes of the check message that informs the cataloger that the heading is a new heading in the headings list (acc file). This is done by including the field in the check_doc_new_acc table in the library's tab directory.
    Following is a sample of the check_doc_new_acc table:
    ! 1
    Key to the check_doc_new_acc table:
    Column 1 - Field code
    Enter the field code of the fields that should be IGNORED while checking for unique headings in the Heading List (ACC index). Use the hash (#) as a placeholder for undefined tags and/or indicators. In the above sample, the title headings and the imprint headings are ignored by the checking routine for new headings in the list.
    Note that for the "New headings" check routine to be performed, the check_doc_new_acc program should be listed in the check_doc table of the library's tab directory. The check_doc table lists all the checking programs that are run when the user chooses the "Check Record" function.

    Your current check_doc_new_acc Test settings = FIELDS TO BE IGNORED BY CHECKING:

    Your current check_doc settings for new records:
    CATALOG-INSERT check_doc_new_acc
    CATALOG-INSERT check_doc_new_acc_aut
    CATALOG-INSERT check_doc_unique_index
    CATALOG-INSERT check_doc_tag_text
    CATALOG-INSERT check_doc_line
    CATALOG-INSERT check_doc_line_contents
    CATALOG-INSERT check_doc_lkr
    CATALOG-INSERT check_doc_doc
    CATALOG-INSERT check_doc_locate
    CATALOG-INSERT check_doc_paired_fields
    CATALOG-INSERT check_doc_url

    • Article last edited: 10/8/2013
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